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Forkliftworld & Huis Jabes

As part of our commitment to change and help for people in need, we decided to support Huis Jabes. Huis Jabes is a non-profit organization that helps woman and their children out of abusive environments. Here they are housed and supported up to 5 months while being equipped to support themselves and find work. Please visit their website for more info.

Huis Jabes Community Service Project - Forkliftworld

A sanctuary for unlikely abuse victims

Huis Jabes Community Service Project - Forkliftworld

Recovery and rehabilitation for abused women from middle to high income homes

If you live in a middle to high income community, take a moment to consider the women around you: your colleagues, your family members. Fact is, one out of every four of these women is exposed to domestic abuse. Because they come from a middle to high income family, fear of exposure and ignorance often prevent them from seeking help. But there is a place they can go – and you can help ensure the doors to this sanctuary stay open.

The house, situated in the northern suburbs of Cape Town, give women and children from middle to high income homes a place of peace and safety for 3-5 months where they can regain their sense of self-worth, self-confidence and independence. The women’s physical, psychological, medical and legal needs are attended to with the help of professionals who volunteer their time and skills. They are then equipped with the necessary life skills and career support to start over and make a living for themselves, regaining their dignity.

Huis Jabes is a Christian-based organisation and encourages the women to have a relationship with God and to make new friends and build a support network by joining a church. We have helped over 400 women and children secure a better future for themselves through a process of rehabilitation.

Huis Jabes is a beneficiary of the SOS Trust

The SOS Trust is a community-based charitable trust. The objective of the Trust is to influence the quality of life and the well-being of their beneficiaries in a positive and sustainable way. Huis jabes is registered as a non-profit organisation under Article 18(A) and relies on funding from the SOS Trust.

As a registered non-profit organization, we solely rely on contributions from good-hearted individuals and businesses to continue supporting the women and children seeking refuge from abuse. Because we are a registered NPO, all donations are tax deductible.

Huis Jabes Community Service Project - ForkliftworldHow can you help?

There are two causes to which you can contribute:

  • Monthly operational expenses
    This includes the rent for the house, everything for the daily needs of the women and children (for example food and toiletries) and the services that professionals provide during the rehabilitation and empowerment process.
  • Purchasing a house to ensure the sustainability of Huis Jabes
    To ensure that Huis Jabes continues to offer a safe haven for abused women and children in the foreseeable future, we urgently need to purchase a property in the name of the SOS Trust. Since our inception in 2008, we have rented safe houses from a third party (sometimes at a preferred monthly rent). However, the instability of rental agreements provides a threat to the long-term sustainability of Huis Jabes. The best solution to this problem is for us to buy a suitable property, but we need sufficient capital from donations to do this.

Make a donation

You can make a once-off contribution or set up an ongoing contribution
This can be done via EFT, credit card or debit order – visit for more details. For a once-off contribution via EFT, our bank details are:
SOS Trust
ABSA cheque account number:
Branch code: 632005
Oure NPO number: 063-721
(donations are tax deductible)
Please send us proof of payment with your details to:

Enquiries: Email or phone Adri Klindt on 083 564 3313